How to Analyze Hugs
A hug shows a lot of things about a person, especially for those from close friends and family. A hug is a sign of affection and it does not necessarily have to mean that the person you hug is someone close. Hugs are usually given to comfort someone, but in a close relationship, it can show love and much more. A hug is just a hug right? No - it's much more. How different people hug can tell you so much

So let's see what different kinds of hugs mean.

A hug with the full body pressing against the hug-ee signifies that the person that is being hugged is loved and is cared for and that the person that is doing the hugging cares for the person greatly, though the hug-ee may not feel the same way. It's different for different genders of course:
  • For Guys: Guys who are giving these kind of hugs to a girl usually means that they care greatly for the person, maybe love them more than words can tell. Guys who are giving these kind of hugs to another guy usually means that there is something wrong and they just want to be comforted by someone who understands him - usually a good friend.
  • For Girls: Girls give these kinds of hugs all the time - but only to those that they hold close to their heart. Just because they give these kind of hugs to a guy doesn't mean that they love him. It usually just means that the girl holds great affection for him. Girls who give these hugs to another girl means that she holds the other in high regard and really has great affection for them - they probably think of the other girl as a sister, or pretty close to one.
A hug with just the shoulders and chest touching the other person is an awkward hug. The person giving it may be shy about giving hugs, or is not sure. Either that or it's because their back isn't straight when they hug someone, so that the shoulders are thrust more forward than usual, or the angle they're hugging is just wrong, causing them to hug like this. These kind of hugs are usually seen between older people and younger people - such as teachers to students. Female teachers, who tend to hug more often than male teachers, hug students in this way to show affection for them - but not too much. It's an unconscious gesture but since teachers aren't supposed to show any preference for students, this is the best kind of hug to give to a student of theirs. Once again, this is also different depending on genders.
  • For Guys: Guys who give these hugs are usually awkward toward the person that is receiving the hug.
  • For Girls: Girls who give these kind of hugs usually are trying to say, "I'm not sure if I hold you in that high of regard, but I care for you and your feelings nonetheless." These can be awkward hugs too.

A long hug with the full body (mentioned before) and staying in that position after the hug has finished signifies that the person receiving the hug is in high regard of the person who is doing the hugging. These are usually the kind of hugs done from behind so that after the long hug is finished, the person giving the hug can lean on the person in front, who would usually be sitting or at least on a lower angle than they are. This hug is usually followed by the hugger putting their arms around the hug-ee's neck and sliding forward so that the hugger is supported on their shoulders. This kind of hug has no distinguishing between genders, as they mean the same thing for both. These kinds of hugs usually occur between lovers or really close friends (for girls).

A quick hug around the shoulders usually signifies that the person needs to go somewhere but has enough time to stop and acknowledge or show affection for the person receiving the hug. The message for this one would be, "I like you enough that I can take time off to give you a hug, even though I'm really busy and have to go." Girls are the ones who usually do this kind of hug because well, girls hug more than guys!

A one-arm hug followed by the hugger placing their arm around the hug-ee's shoulders can also be done with two people - three, if you include the hugger. This is done by both guys and girls and is used to show who you regard as good friends. Or it just happens to be two random people that the hugger just wants to become friends with.

A hug that is a hug on the arm, rather than the body signifies that the person doing the hugging needs help and moral support. Usually it signifies that the hugger is in need of attention or just support. Something must have happened in the past few days that really just hit them, causing them this kind of stress that they feel like they need to share. But it may not always mean that - it may also mean that they are hugging the person's arm because their body is busy, probably holding something. This kind of hug is used by young children when they are scared or sad, and is also used by some girls as the same message. Guys don't use this kind of hug.

A long hug where both participants (yes, only two) are facing each other signifies that the two people are lovers, or two friends in need of comfort from each other (for girls). Long hugs like these signify great affection for each other and that they feel comfortable being close to each other and they can take comfort from each other's close presences.

A hug that follows usually a handshake or a clasping of hands signifies "brotherhood" or "welcome". This is used by young men all around the world, usually in the U.S. to greet a fellow member of a gang or a good friend. Girls in gangs may use this gesture too but, it is mostly used by young men.

Ok, now that we're through with analyzing hugs...there are much more to analyze than just the hug itself.

Analyzing the Hand(s) Placement(s) in a Hug
Hand placement, like the different types of hugs, are unconscious gestures that signify many things too. For instance, in a slow dance, in a close relationship (between lovers), a high hand placement usually means that they're not sure of whether they want to be with their partner or not - but it's way different in a hug. In a hug, a high hand placement means that they want to hold the person closer in order to give them more comfort. A low hand placement would mean that they are comfortable (between lovers) with their partner and that they are ready to commit to the relationship. But a too low hand placement just suggests that the person can't wait to get into the other's pants.

Using these analyzing observations, you can tell a lot of things about a person from just one hug.